addition of condiments or cheese alters nutrition content

I just realized today why those bonus stamps you get from Subway have the store number and ticket number printed on them: so that when you hand it in, they have a record of which stores you’ve been to: geographical data. Or maybe I had too many bowls of paranoia flakes this morning…

Today I am very, very tired. My brain has been affected: at lunch I went to the post office to mail a half-dozen packages, and after everything has been processed realized that I left my wallet in my office, 4 blocks away and 17 stories up. Luckily the mail clerk was extremely nice (as long as I was bringing back cash), but on my extra walk I almost crossed the street for no reason three times.

But hey, I finally got an office phone! 4 for 4 on the week! And a 17″ screen. ViewSonic, yum.

Did SlashDot melt down?

I’m going to go home and sleep now. Bye.


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