Stupid White Men, indeed.

Blargh. I am so tired this morning. I’m actually typing this while not looking at the keyboard at all, but staring up at the ceiling. Wow, my fingers really do know where the keys are.

I finished Stupid White Men last night. It was good. It really makes me glad to not live in the USA. I only hope that Canada doesn’t go to hell in a handbasket like that though. I can already see how the TV news (with the exception of the CBC) has changed to become sensationalist garbage.


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  1. Fortunately Canadian are too small and petty to become that stupid…

  2. I’m thinkin I’m gonna have to read this book…

  3. sounds like an interesting book.
    I live in spokane WA but I listen to the BBC 99% of the time for news and I read thier publications like Gardens Ilustrated, well, thats the only one. But our Media Monster is too big and scary and self obsessed and I have to fight not to believe it and love it and feed it. I lived in BC for a year and I love the stations CBC1 and 2 very, very deeply, they are actually much better than our NPR.
    I also just learned my fingers know where the keys are and I dont have to baby sit them!!