chunks of concrete are never friendly

This morning I had a rather harrowing experience on the 401 (very long, large highway). I was on a ramp that was joining with some other ramps to create the collector lanes on the 401 Eastbound around Dixie Rd. in Mississauga. As such, there was lots of nice empty pavement in front of me and the few cars around me, and so we were accelerating up to around 110kph. Suddenly, ahead of me in the lane on my left, cars started swerving out of that lane rather quickly. I caught a glimpse of what they were dodging from between bumpers: a concrete barrier, about 1.5m square, was skidding along in the middle of the lane. I was forced to move into the lane next to me to avoid cars that were swerving into my lane and decelerating – I’m lucky that the lane was there and that it was unoccupied. As I passed the commotion, I noticed a pickup truck that was pulling over onto the shoulder – which had another of these concrete thingys in its bed. Evidently, the barrier had fallen out of that truck somehow – I didn’t actually see it happen, so I have no idea how. It didn’t even look like two of these things would have fit in the pickup’s bed, so maybe it was balancing on the edge of the tailgate or something…

Anyways. The only reason I drove all the way into the city today was because I’m going to the Sleater-Kinney show tonight. Seeing that they only play north of the border every few years or so, I jumped on this once I saw the announcement in my weekly TicketBastard mailing. And I’m going with Jordan, which will be fun. Damn, that’s an old photo of her.


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  1. I had a harrowing experience at Tim Horton’s drive thru (very popular donut & coffee store) this morning.
    I’m sweeping in off the 401, weeving through the curves in the road leading up to the drive thru. At the speaker is one of those outrageously expensive, and inefficient Lexus SUVs. As I approach (probably a little too fast), I gear down and squeeze on the brakes… and nothing happens. Here I am sliding, uncontrollably toward this stupid Lexus. I had time to tap the brakes, turn the wheel, and even pull the e-brake. Nothing worked. And then just as I was about to slide into him, he pulls around to the window to pick up his coffee.
    I actually stopped only about half a foot past the speaker, so I wouldn’t have hit him that hard. But God knows I don’t need to bump into any more people. I imagine the bumper of a Lexus costs a little more than that Hyundai did (…

  2. Ouch! That would have sucked. I guess Timmy’s doesn’t salt the drive-through lane…

  3. Yes, it would have sucked. But not as much as slamming into a median — especially one that was in the middle of the road.

  4. Yes, it would have sucked. But not as much as slamming into a median — especially one that was in the middle of the road.