Man, there’s a lot of stuff to talk about.

I took the 14th off to spend with Sandy. We had an amazing time together, and I think (and hope) I’ve figured out how to balance everything together, like one of those plate-spinners. We went mini-golfing to The Putting Edge, which features glow-in-the-dark indoor mini-golf courses. Sandy loves mini-golf, and since we were there at 12:30 in the afternoon on a Friday, we were also the only ones on the course, which of course meant much horsing around and cheating. According to the scorecard, she won by two strokes, but who cares? The Putting Edge has a few arcade games as well – Sandy played a game of Simpsons Bowling as Lisa. I’ve always wondered what that game was like, and the bowling seemed extremely easy and the humourous phrases were pretty, well, humourous (after a strike: “I feel just like Susan B. Anthony – if she bowled.”)

Afterwards, since we were already in Burlington, we went over to Ikea, because Ikea is always fun. Picked up a new bedside lamp, and other knicky-knacky things. One thing that I’ve been looking for forever was a tiny little artist’s easel, which I finally found at Ikea, for 95 cents. Schweet. More about that later.

In the evening, we went to our favourite restaruant, the Carden St. Cafe (who finally have a website – woooo!). I never tire of the food there – it’s just so damn good. And the staff are excellent, excellent. We ended up with the booth right next to the door because I made late reservations and the owner? was so accomodating for us, she put up some partitions to shield us from the wind and then she actually ended up locking the door and using the other one!

After dinner we went to the movies. Sandy decided that she wanted to see Final Destination 2 again. Hey, it was good fun the first time, right? And this time I’d know what was coming so I wouldn’t have my head buried in her shoulder as much 🙂 Well, not 10 minutes into the movie and there was a very annoying black scratch right down the centre of the first reel. It was pretty obvious that someone had fux0red this print up, and bad. It was extremely annoying, especially for Sandy, as she used to be the assistant manager at a movie theatre and so she knows that this isn’t supposed to happen. So we went out to get the manager and complain, and probably get some passes. While she was dealing with that I ran into my old friend Mark from university, so we chatted for a bit. The manager offered Sandy either passes (which suck, because you can never use them for the first week of a movie’s release, at least) or we could go see another movie tonight. The only thing that hadn’t already started was Daredevil, and I guess seeing the trailers in front of every other film for the past month had brainwashed us into thinking it would be OK, so we went. Summary: it was god-awful. No more needs to be said.

After that we snuggled into bed.


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  1. I quite enjoyed Daredevil!
    I went in expecting another Spiderman (which had it’s charms, but was mostly a kids movie), and instead it was what Batman was supposed to be (but wasn’t because Tim Burton is so fcked, that he always adds these pseudo-cute characters, that are impossible to understand because they aren’t based on any sort of reality.) — dark, and brooding, with some great action. It was also nice to see Michael Clarke Duncan in his *own leading role (instead of playing side kick to someone else, like they usually make him do). Of course, I’m predisposed to Jennifer Garner because she’s so freaking hot. However, I’m not a huge fan of Affleck (especially since he married my girlfriend J.Lo), and I still think he did a great job. I didn’t really dig the Bulls-eye character, but I guess he was alright.
    On the whole I thought it was good fun. Why didn’t you guys like it?