10 days until moving day

can’t wait. can’t wait. so much stuff in boxes… so much stuff that still has to be put into boxes…

Sandy has been bouncing around the idea of getting a laptop again. Previously, she used an old Toshiba Satellite Pro brick before giving it back to her dad. Now she’s thinking about something that will be nice and small for taking to Seneca every day. I instantly thought about a nice, slim Sony Vaio 505 series. One inch thick, under five pounds, yum. Or a 12″ Apple iBook, although I’m not sure how she’d take to Mac OS X. Her brother wanted to sell her some P4 laptop clone… thing… that was frankly rather big. For 99% of sane people, who are going to get a lot of use out of their laptops, the most important factors are:

  • Size and weight
  • Battery life
  • Reliability and track record

The third point there being the most important. When I was a desktop tech at a big company you have no idea how many dying Dell CP/CPi laptops I saw. I’ve seen first-hand how damn great IBM ThinkPads are, and I’ve heard only good things about Sony. The Sony even comes with its own docking station, for chrissakes.


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  1. iBook!
    Sony’s are just not-so-cheap iBook wannabe’s… and IBM’s are fugly.

  2. iBook beats Dell…