no… no more packing… must stop… boxes… cats… aaagh!

How can so much stuff be packed and yet so much stuff is still around? Will moving be awful, hellish hell or will our volunteer packers come through and not die of exhaustion? Tune in on Thursday…

The Home Show sucks ass. Oh, and here is the BIG SECRET: all of the prices on the price sheets are X’d out. The actual price is listed below, next to the item’s entry in the list, but the numerals are printed backwards. So, and item might look like:

BLUE COMFY CHAIR      [product ID]      87126     $699.99

The actual, “member” price is $621.78, represented by the number 87126. Stupid. I have the feelign they are getting around some kind of pricing laws by doing this… also you need a $29 membership to buy almost anything there. And it’s still expensive. Blah. What a bust.

In other news, I bought a really nice new learning remote at Best Buy. It looks like this and was only $30, which is awesome for a six-function learning remote. I entered the TV and VCR via the numeric codes no problem, and “learned” the usual functions of the DVD remote in about 5 minutes. Sweet. And only $30! I don’t remember learning remotes being so cheap. Dad: go to Best Buy and buy this remote, IT WILL WORK WITH THE STARCHOICE RECEIVER.

Saw a little movie called Spider on Thursday, directed by David Cronenberg. Since Sandy had to watch a few of his films for her Canadian Cinema class last semester, we delved into a few of his classics a few months ago – namely The Fly and Dead Ringers. Spider was a really great film, not a gore-fest by any means, but I actually found it very suspenseful. If you don’t mind watching the first 30 minutes of a film trying desperately to figure out what the hell is going on, then you will enjoy this. I don’t know where you’ll be able to see it other than at an indie cinema, but try to find it.

As usual with Cronenberg’s films on IMDB, the comments on Spider are completely bipolar: people always seem to love or hate his films. Sometimes I wish I had an IMDBPro account just so I could write comments on films.


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