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We recently got a tropical fish tank. Rest assured, this was prior to the release of Finding Nemo, so we’re not riding any kind of trend here. Heck no. What happened was I expressed some interest in getting some fish. Sandy said “Hey! I’ve got an old fish tank at my parent’s place, I’ll bring it home!” Said fish tank turned out to be very old and very small, and in need of a new light fixture. It did have a brand-new filter though. After some trips to PetSmart and talks with pet store employees and buying the wrong lid and light for the old tank, we (well, I, and we) just bit the bullet and bought a new 15 gallon tank and heater. After being very overzealous getting started, and one complete water change later (complete with one of our cats jumping in a half-full tank full of dirty fish water, gee that was fun), the tank has become fairly stable and is staying clean on its own. I’ve learned that there’s lots of information about tropical fish out there and a lot of it is made up or whatnot. A great site I found is AquariumFish. They take the time to explain things in a direct and simple manner that I can understand. A lot of other sites I found didn’t do this. Caring for tropical fish (NOT Goldfish) can be simple and complex at the same time. Simple when things are going good, complex when they’re not 🙂

I should take some photos and post them here soon. I have tons of photos to post actually…


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  1. As a fellow cat owner, whose thinking about getting fish again My wife really, really wants a nice big fish tank, but we tried it before with a little tank and just one fish, and our little cat ate the little fish, and Nicole was very upset and I consequentially had to spend an hour consoling her, so if we buy another fish I don’t want this to happen again is your fish tank secured from the cats? Do the cats stare longingly at your tropical fish? Do you know what your cats are doing when you’re not around?