Pacific Mall

Yesterday we went to Pacific Mall in Markham, which is apparently the largest Chinese indoor mall in North America. It is quite a place to go, especially for an ignorant white man like me. I’d never been, as it was built while I was in Guelph doing my degree. There is a ton of stuff there, but it got somewhat repetitive after a little while. Sandy and I spotted some cool NBX wallets and stuff in the first gift store we went into, but I soon realized that virtually every gift-like store had this stuff. The food stores, on the other hand… we blew probably too much money on candy and the like. I bought a huge container of those pre-packaged jellies for $7.99. I also tried a can of Pocari Sweat, which I have been wanting to try ever since I read about tokimi’s trip to japan. It’s… interesting stuff. Also tried some real iced tea that had lychee juice added, it was excellent. If they sold that in convenience stores I’d drink it every day.


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