tired old webcomics

I’m getting pretty tired of Sluggy Freelance. Actually, I’ve been getting pretty tired of it for a while now. When I started reading it back in 1998, it was funny, there weren’t too many characters, and the plotlines were easy to follow. I think I lost the plot somewhere in 2001, and there are about three or four characters who I cannot name. Plotlines that last for months are just too darn hard to follow. I got totally lost in the middle of The Storm Breaker Saga, and I mean, now everything is tied to the silly book of E-Ville and that stupid haunted house. I don’t even remember where the house came from. Maybe I just prefer to laugh when I read a comic. I know that I’ve gotten Sandy turned onto Penny Arcade in a big way, and she’s not even a gamer. (Heck, I’m not even a gamer).


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