I’m still around

as you likely already know, we power-hungry North-Easters sent ourselves spiraling into a blackout on Thursday. I was at work when it happened. At first we thought we had just tripped a local breaker, but then the UPSes in the nearby machine room began their bleeping chorus. It took about an hour an a half to get home by car, since the subway wasn’t running (streetcars outside on King St. were dead in their tracks). Hilarity then ensued as the power stayed out for at least 24 hours at our apartment and our water and phone were down for periods of time.

We had a weekend getaway planned for Darien Lake. After finally getting through to them and finding out that they were open, we decided to go to Niagara Falls (where there was power) and spend the night, then cross over to New York on Saturday morning. All in all things went pretty smoothly. When we came back all of our fish were still alive, despite the fact that their filters were off for over a day.


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