This is Felix, our latest addition. I totally can’t remember if I’ve posted a photo of him before, so here it is. Felix is a bit of a special cat. He is a polydactyl cat, meaning that he has extra toes on his feed. In his case, he has two extra toes on his left front paw and one extra on all other feet. This inevitably leads to nicknames like “bigfoot” and “alottatoes”. He also has a tendency to hit first and ask questions later: when he encounters something new, he’ll sooner hit it than sniff it. This even goes for things which he may want to eat, which means he’s on the table every day at dinnertime trying to whack some beets off your plate.


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  1. awww! that is so cute! how many feline’s do you have now?

  2. That would be the big four. Four cats.