boy, windows can be good and yet so stupid.

How is it that with all of the cool new stuff that Microsoft has done to Windows, the Fonts control panel and installation screen has not changed in over 10 years?!


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  1. Now now, it was different in Windows 3.1 — it just hasn’t changed since 95.
    And I guess the theory on that is: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
    Fonts used to be such a big deal. I remember creating all different font suitcases for my Mac so I could cheat the maximum font limit.
    Now I use maybe 4 fonts a year, and I haven’t installed a new font on my system…in probably 10 years.

  2. Dude. It uses the old-school directory browsing. Do you know how broken that is? If I’m Joe User and I downloaded some fonts to say, my desktop, I’m gonna have to know that that’s actually C:\Documents and Settings\Joe User\Desktop. That. Just. Blows.

  3. Yeah, I miss OS9… all you had to do was drag a system file on top of the “System Folder”, it would determine the type, and offer to file it (install it) in the proper location for you.
    And the desktop was always the root of everything. They didn’t even get that right in OSX.
    Regardless of the file browser used, the user should never have to actually know where the desktop folder was.