GameCube hacking

Right now Nintendo‘s GameCube is hella cheap – only $139 Canadian. Which would make it a good time to buy one. What else is interesting is that finally, someone has figured out how to run arbitrary code on the GameCube by exploiting a bug in Phantasy Star Online. Using a PSO disc, a GC network adapter, and your PC you can upload and run whatever code you want, which is cool for running emulators on your TV, dumping game discs over the network, homebrew games, etc. What’s weirder though is that the hackers-that-be are using this to write code to emulate disc accesses via the network. So you can play backups of your games from your PC’s hard drive. That’s kinda cool, and kinda crazy at the same time.

For more info, you can read all of the latest news at CubeHacker.


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  1. GameCube finally hackable?!That settles it! I must have one now!

  2. …and now I have one