the mustard of your doom

Yes, I got my first speeding ticket ever this weekend. And I didn’t get off easy. Suckage.

I got my latest order of cool very 3rd-party GBA stuff from Success. Including a new F2A 256Mbit flash cartridge and linker. Now I can finally put a 128Mbit game as well as a ton of other stuff on a cart! I feel like the most spoiled GBA player ever. I also picked up the stupid GBA headphone adapter in my order – for $1, how can you go wrong?

I’ve been playing a lot of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga on my GBA. It’s a really funny and good game. Also, now that I have tons of space on my GBA, I can bring along lots of classic GB and NES games, by using Goomba and PocketNES respectively, and PogoShell manages it all.


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