Ohhh….. what a weekend!

Man. weekends.

We had a bunch of stuff to do on Saturday. First thing was to go to see my sister’s jewelery teacher Shao to have our ring sizes taken for our wedding rings. Sylvia (my sister, currently living in Taiwan) is designing them for us and then Shao is doing the casting and carving here in Canada. Shao is really cool and has a cool studio/work/living space at the Distillery. He had some wicked cool stuff there and also on his website.

Sandy cleaned out her closet again so we had a bunch of clothes to drop off at the Goodwill at Jarvis & Adelaide, since we were already in the area. Also some old blankets and leftover bag of kitten food went to the Toronto Humane Society.

Finally, I was supposed to install a server in the machine room at torque.net but I was a bonehead and forgot my building access card! Long story short, I had to drive down again on Sunday morning to take care of that.

Sandy’s valentine’s day present was that I’d buy her an outfit for when we go and see The Hollow Crown for her birthday. This means fashion show for me! We spent a lot of time at the Eaton’s Center and had a blast.

Sunday was a stay at home day. We started packing for our move in April. Yes it seems a bit early, but it was good to go through some stuff and get rid of the crap, and find the crap that’s worth money so we can sell it. In the evening we had dinner with Mike (Sandy’s brother) and Nikki (his girlfriend).

All in all it was a good weekend, except for my forgetfulness and drivers, drivers, drivers! Toronto drivers have gotten so bad in the last five years.