yay for neighbours!

This morning our neighbour Mike gave me a ride to the GO Station! It was raining and was probably going to miss the train if something didn’t happen. Thanks!


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  1. Good neighbours rock! Bad neighbours suck…
    Our neighbours, who are part of the condo cult(which we are not part of because we rent) had their lawyers issue us a letter stating that we have to slow down in the parking lot (despite the fact that neither of us ever drive above 15kph) or face legal action.
    Not sure what legal action they think they can use against us, but the overweight children who play on the road have taken to yelling “bad car!” whenever we drive by.
    Most disconcerting to me is the fact that our complex has a playground on-site, and there’s a school with tonnes of play area less than a block away. Why the condo-cult parents chose to send their children out to play on the road instead of one of these safer places is beyond me, but clearly it’s our fault that the chubby little brats are in danger.
    This, combined with other events (such as the friendly notes from Sandy Shoebottom, chairman of the condo board, instructing us on how to remove our mail from the mail box and the proper way to tie a garbage bag) have taught us that neighbours can really have a big impact on your enjoyment of a home. Glad yours are nice!

  2. See what happens when I don’t blog for a week… even my comments get really verbose

  3. To finish the story, I responded with a letter suggesting that the problem was not bad driving, but bad parenting, and that perhaps the appropriate person to contact would be Family & Children’s Services.
    They have not bothered us since.

    Obviously I would never do that, but most of these people are uneducated and not terribly sophisticated… They just thought they could throw their (rather significant) weight around to get rid of the renters. I can’t wait until we can buy our own place!