I resemble this remark…

Broadband users are impatient – Apparently people who have Broadband expect the same speed of service in real life. I can definately vouch for that. I’ve personally had broadband in some form since 1998 and even before then had broadband in high school. I’m also highly impatient in line at stores.


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  1. Hmmm… interesting article. Do you think this is a nature or nurture phenomenon?
    Are we impatient because we have broadband and have come to expect faster responses…? Or do we have broadband because we are impatient people?
    My parents (and in-laws) both use dial-up and don’t seem to mind the wait at all… Would they become less-patient people after using broadband for a couple years.
    I know I’ve had it since the week it became available in my area (5 years now) and I am not a patient person. But I don’t know if I became more impatient since that switch…

  2. Speaking of broadband, my GameCube BBA arrived today (actually, it probably arrived Thursday since I haven’t checked the mail since then). You up for some Warp Pipe action this week??