Things I did not know until 10 minutes ago

  • Kwanzaa was invented by some guy in California in 1966.
  • Windows XP has a ‘scroll lock’ feature where you just have to click a scrollbar once and move your mouse up and down. Clicking again stops scrolling. IMHO most people would find this highly annoying.

Christmas is in just a few short days… I still have one more gift to buy. Not to mention wrap everything. Yay last-minute!

We had our Christmas lunch and gift exchange at work yesterday. Dim-sum for lunch was good, it was only the second time I’ve had it. I’ll eat just about anything though, including the dumplings with pork wrapped in egg with a piece of scallop and roe on top (I ate about 4 of these, no one else seemed to want them… I love scallops.)

At our gift exchange I got some movie passes and a lotto ticket for tonight’s 6/49. Cross your fingers!


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