Pass the Pepper, please…

A few weeks ago I caught wind of a new portable computer, called the Pepper Pad. Obligatory product feature photo:

Link to actual photo I was immediately drawn to it for a number of reasons:

  • It’s very much like a Newton on steroids: an 800×600 touch-sensitive screen, in the middle of a split QWERTY layout thumb keyboard as well as a D-Pad and scroll wheel for input. No HWR input though, but that’s not the focus of the OS…
  • A whack of standard I/O possibilities: USB, Bluetooth, IR, SD/MMC slot, 802.11b, sound in/out, composite video out
  • 20GB hard drive, 256MB of RAM, powered by Linux 2.4 and a 600MHz Intel XScale CPU
  • Software that sounds really darn nice… the focus of the OS is as an information tablet, sort of what I’m trying to accomplish passively with my info board, but with a built-in Mozilla based browser, e-mail, AIM, music/photo/video libraries (supporting MP3/MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4 at least), and a journal.

Now, lots of people will say “screw this, for my $850 I’m buying a laptop.” Sure, a laptop is nice, and you can run Windows/Linux/OS X and do whatever the heck you want on it, but I don’t want or need that kind of horsepower on my lap. It’s in my office. What I do want to do is surf easily from the couch, and not have to worry about defragmenting my C: drive or that my CPU temperature alarm is going off. I want it to work. The Newton delivered on this, and if these Pepper guys can hit the same mark, I want in.


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  1. Any idea if you can load additional software into this thing? Or what OS is under all of that? Probably an embedded Linux, right?
    I’d like to see this with an RDP and VNC client built-in…