busted device blues done got me down

There’s really no point in carrying my Newton around anymore. I haven’t opened it in weeks. I need to figure out where my sites are going to move to though, since I’m going to have to bring my server home by the end of September and I don’t just want those resources to go away.

My GBA Flash card hasn’t worked right in a long time… the save function on it is still really wonky, I’m sure it’s not the battery now, what it seems to be is that most of the time writing to the save area just doesn’t work. This could be due to a damaged pin, short, or bad solder joint somewhere on the card but I can’t fix problems like that, nor do I have the tools. It just sucks that I can only play the first level in most games, because I can’t save my frickin’ progress!! Urgh. For brief shining moments it does work, so it’s not completely broken, it just pisses me off!

When the Pepper Pad comes though, I will be porting many emulators over to it and then my GBA will be moot, because I’ll be playing GBA, NES, SNES, whatever games I want, and be able to keep them all on the internal hard drive. Unless I leave it at home for Sandy to use, of course. I can share!


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