Where u been dog?

I been around. You know. Stuff goin’ on. Many Xmas-related tasks to take care of. I was recently holed up at home for two weeks while some major renovations were done at the office. Let’s just say I’m halfway through Paper Mario after that little sabbatical. And also Paper Mario is a great, GREAT game.

Sandy’s been working twice as hard as I these past weeks, with two jobs on the go. I was a judge at the First LEGO League Canada Ontario finals, which was some great fun with hundreds of great kids. Watched all our favourite shows go on holiday hiatus, had a great holiday lunch at work, and relaxed as much as possible of course.

Been following the election news as well. Last night we went to the opening of our local NDP candidate’s campaign office, and got to speak with her and pick up a lawn sign.


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