ADT did something right…

Now that I no longer fear the big, bad world of security systems, I opened up the box in my basement with the security system’s guts. And looky looky, what did I find but the ADT default programming sheet the installer left, all nicely folded up (click for larger, readable version):

ADT Installer Sheet

While it doesn’t tell me my installer code (which they didn’t leave as the default, but isn’t my phone number either… grrrr), it does tell me that they are supposed to setup the system to use the SIA format – one that should work with Vonage.

I’m still waiting for Bell to arrive and wire up a demarc box and jack for my new dry DSL. 🙁


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  1. Be careful…… ADT does not support Vonage as a means of transmitting alarm signals. While it may work, to ADT it’s a no-no.