(416) 364-1111: From hell’s heart, I stab at thee

UPDATE Jun 2007: There’s a page about this number at whocalled.us with 80 comments. A comment there written by “GL” sums up the situation – I can’t link directly to the comment so here it is:

[this] number is associated to a leg of VOIP termination provided by more than one wholesale VOIP providers. Given how the terminating networks are overlaid and at times spliced together, it’s nearly impossible to be sure who actually holds the DiD and the info wouldn’t be very helpful if you had it, in terms of tracking the actual caller, unless you have subpoena powers. It might be a TDM circuit billing identifier. I’ve seen it previously with a Vonage outbound call, others have reported it with Skype. I ran the search today because it appeared in my call log as the ‘caller id’ on a VOIP test call between a Covad line and a Vonage line. The only thing you can be really sure of – if you see this number 416 364 1111, the caller is using a commercial VOIP service to access the PSTN.

Long story short: if this come up on your Caller ID, there’s no telling who it is – though a bunch of shady characters do seem to be coming out of it.

End update.

Loyal readers might remember that I built myself a telezapper to eliminate phone calls from unwanted people and companies.

Back in November, I got my first weird call from this phone number: 416-364-1111. It was your typical “dead air” caller which means telemarketer. See, they use computers to pre-dial numbers from their database, and then when someone picks up they’ll connect that line to the next available phone rep’s line. But sometimes the computer gets ahead of the people and you might end up waiting 10 or more seconds before being connected. That’s what these jerks seem to be up to, but all the time. I’ve never gotten a real person on the other end. So I added them to my ‘zapper list but they just keep calling – they’ve called four times this month alone. Now I’m posting this and hopefully other peopple will find this page and maybe tell me who these jerks are.


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  1. Its Rogers or a sub-company.

  2. That number also appears to be used for calling cards. My daughter got a phone call from some chimp she knows.. and the call came in with that number… go figure…


  3. Just got a “dead air” call from there today.. I am a newly subscribe Roger’s wireless user.. if that means anything. But, again. Dead Air.

    Up here in Northern Ontario, Canada.

  4. I just got that phone call right now too.

    Stupid dead air.

  5. I also just got a call from 364-1111 and put the # into google which led me here. I’m located near kitchener, Ontario.

  6. I have just gotten two consecutive calls from this number – Im in Montreal and when I tries calling back it said that the number could not recieve calls – I suspect Rogers of selling off calling lists of its customers to its affiliated partners.

  7. I just got two calls from these jerks today. I first time I told them to remove my number, the second time I told them, in a loud tone, stop calling this @#$%^^&(&^%$#@ number or I will advise Phone Busters telephone fraud services.

  8. i just searched up the number right after they called me and i found this page.
    some recorded voice of a fellow “possibly” offering “the potential” chance that i “might” win a gift certificate to a free vacation in my area if i would just press the 1 key. i didnt.

    but i wanted too…

    oh well.

  9. I received a call from that number as well, but I didn’t pick up. It was today (March 18th, 2007) at 2:08pm. I’ve never received a call from that number before.

  10. To add further, I live in Caledon. Based on our postings, this number tends to call individuals around the afternoon.

  11. Hi –
    Just got a ‘dead-air’ call from this number as well….6:18 pm…they’ve been calling all week…


  13. I got a call from that number today and found this post while trying to figure out where the area code was for. i missed the call and tried calling back but the same results others got above. i’m from michigan though, not canada. although close. and i have cingular…but it switches to rogers when i cross the border. my boyfriend is from canada and has rogers though. so i guess i’m just confused. how strange.

  14. I have a Connecticut cell phone number but am currently in Maryland, and I received two missed calls from this number tonight about a minute and a half apart. I have T-Mobile but it also switches to Rogers in Canada. I didn’t want to call the number back because it would cost extra, so I’m glad I looked it up and found this!

  15. This is getting bad – we’re getting these annoying calls from 416-364-1111 between 1 and 2 am every night for the past week. Dead air. Bell suggests paying for Call Screening at $5 a month. I suggest taking the phone off the hook before going to bed….

  16. Yea, I also got this call today – april 3rd – around 12:30

  17. I have also been harassed by this number. I hate it, it’s driving me insane and I find it extremely frustrating that I have to deal with this @$(#&(* when I didn’t cause it to begin with. I asked Rogers to block this number from my incoming calls, they replied they couldn’t do that. Made me want to kick them too, quite frankly. If anyone finds out anything or I do, I will share it here. Good luck to you…

  18. I got this call at 11:30 EST – I live in Ohio and like everyone else… i googled the number and found myself here. The weird thing is, I don’t have any connections to Canada – yeah, they are across Lake Erie, but no family, no friends and I haven’t visited since I was a kid – so I have no idea who or whar Rogers is… Hmmmmm

  19. Just got a missed call from this number, googled it, and here I am. Glad I didn’t pick it up.

  20. I am from the deep South (NC) and I keep getting calls from this number and 866-732-1633 on both of my Sprint phone lines. Today alone I’ve received 7 calls between the two phone lines. Please someone find out how to make it stop.

  21. I’m in the western US, and, twice now this week, when my mom has called me from western Canada, this stupid number displays on my caller ID, instead of her home number. She’s with Rogers, and my cell phone service is T Mobile. No clue what’s up with this. Other times she’s called her normal number comes up fine, so, who knows what’s up.

  22. Yeah, I just got a call from this number today. I didn’t pick up. I’m in Amherst, MA.

  23. Count me in, too. I live in California and got a call from this number this morning.

  24. I live in Florida, but have a North Carolina based cell phone number with Sprint and I have received this same phone call twice so far within a week.

    Trying to figure out how to stop this????

  25. Just got a call from this number. Didn’t recognize it so I didn’t pick. Like most of you, googled it to track it and very surprised to end up here. I have Fido, which is owned by Rogers. Any ideas? Seems like we have a lot of complaints though.

  26. And I was just called. I have a NY-state based T-mobile phone.

  27. OUt here in Alberta… just got a call from it on my work phone… dead air… go figure..

  28. I missed a call from this number this morning.
    I’m super confused, no idea where that area code is at. I’ve been applying for different jobs, so i figured it could have been one of them.
    guess i was wrong. haha.

    im up here in the Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota. I didn’t think telemarketers had cell phone numbers?

  29. So I just got a call from the same people and I am going in circles here… I used reverse phone number from all the different sites i could find, and the most information that I could find was that the phone number was a “Land-Line” from bell. Called back before I found this forum, and same problem.

    Also at the same time this started happening, my friend started getting calls on her cell phone that came up as “No Call” on her call display… I am not sure if these are related… any tips would be great…

    Email me at Nanolbaid@hotmail.com.

  30. So this time I got a call from the same number…. 416-364-1111 and when I answered I heard an exact echo of what ever I said. This leads me into thinking that someone has set up a automatic dialing system that records what ever you say and plays it back to you a few seconds after you stop speaking… Why??? I don’t know

  31. Yes, the same dead call coming on my home phone in Toronto

    I’ll put it in the ‘black list’

  32. I got one at 2:40pm MDT here in Calgary – never had this number before (I do check all unsolicited calls).

  33. Just got the call on my cell here in Calgary. Was on the work phone, so I didn’t answer. Here’s another site where people are talking about the number: http://whocalled.us/lookup/4163641111

    “Collingwood Escapes”?? Odd.

  34. I’ve been inundated with these calls and others like it. It’s time we had “no call” legislation like the States – but don’t hold your breath – this is Canada eh!!

  35. Bruce said he got a call on his sprint phones from 866-732-1633, well i just got a call from that number. AND The one you listed above. I googled both and got me here. I hate these calls

  36. I got a call from that number at 2:13 AM in the MORNING !!!!!

    Vancouver BC

  37. Ohhhh, X-files, FIRST I got a call from “0000123456”, answer and get dead air, THEN then got the 416-364-111 dead air caller. I love the 00000123456 number… but I love this web page more – thanks for putting it up and letting us all know what it is about.




  40. I been getting calls from this number for 1 month now. Today they called 2 times, once at 11:00 am and 2nd time at 11:01 am. I don’t know who the hell it is, but if I find the placement of this telemarketing place, im going in there with my boys and rushing the peeps. Im sick of this shit.

  41. I got a call from that number today at 5:15 and then again at 5:26 with someone on the phone with me scary thing so i hung up( 416-364-1111), so i called bell Canada up on the phone after and they said its a fake phone number they just wanna take your money and your ID some please don’t answer your phone it’s all fake there is no tech guy coming to your door in 3-5 days to install your service.

  42. I just had this show up on my [ported] cell ‘phone (I’m in +1-613-) but I didn’t take the call so no idea who was calling. Dunno, don’t care, go away. No point wasting 45 cents a minute to receive this nonsense.

  43. Caller ID info ONTARIO.

    Bad quality phone line representing AIL CANADA.
    Wanted to come to my home to sell me insurance in Toronto, ON CANADA.
    Must remember to say, “Put me on your do not call list.”

  44. I just received a call from this number and am a bit freaked out. He called, with a thick Indian accent, asked for my husband by name. I told him to hold on, and when hubby came to the phone he had hung up.

  45. This is a generic number. I just got a call from my mother in England and this came up. She was using a Voice over Internet service and any number on that service will show this on call display.

  46. I am getting calls from this number daily, and it is happening literally every 2 minutes. I am getting very very annoyed. I would love to know what company this is…

    And like everyone else when I call back its out of service. But most telemarketers that have called and I call back the number it usually says something, not that the line is not in service. I find that weird.
    I wish I would have seen this page before wasting my time calling them back!!

  47. I just got that call and i called back and theyre like not in service

  48. Got a call from this number at 7.30 in the morning. Man with an accent (not sure if Indian accent) asked for my husband or myself by name. He said that he was with the Royal Bank and asked if we had life insurance. When I said “no” he said someone would be in our area tomorrow and that if we have 10 to 15 minutes that someone would come to our house to explain insurance to us. Also “don’t you know that when you live in Canada that you need life insurance. Who is going to cover medical bills when you need it?” I said I would rather look at information on a website. I wondered if this was a scheme to get into your home. And why call at 7.30 am? Checked the Royal Bank website. I see that Royal Bank does sell life insurance and critical illness insurance and that they do have representatives listed for various areas. Will call them and ask if they make unsolicited calls to people’s home numbers. If they do, it’s a poor way to get customers by disturbing them at 7.30 am. Or the call could be from anyone wanting to get into your home. Has anyone found out more about this type of call.