The “wow” is… never!

So, Windows 7.0 — I mean, Vista is out. Pardon me if I’m not excited, but it does seem like no one really cares. What is strange is how so many big software companies didn’t make their software compatible by the time it went gold. MS was giving away free betas for crying out loud, should I have sent my copy to Apple so they could fix iTunes in advance?

Once I’d read about the crappy licensing terms and the DRM that was going to be crammed down users throats, I knew that this was the end of the line for my Windows drive. Our response to Vista? Well, Sandy just got a new shiny MacBook to replace her PC, and I’ll be rebuilding my PC to be a Kubuntu workstation. Suddenly UNIX-ike OSes don’t seem so dead after all.


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  1. Or we could all just stay with Windows XP. That’s a solid OS.

  2. I had to tunnel out of our firewall, through RDP to another box, cause I agree so strongly with this post that I had to comment!
    Vista is a lame duck. It’s a minor upgrade to XP at best, with some splashy new graphics. Save for Windows development and a couple Windows 2003 servers, I’m totally switched over to Mac OS now. Vista was just a waste of 5 years. And its funny how many people realised that this time around…

  3. I love my MacBook. It’s the wave of the future people! In fact, I am using it right now!