Write something, or I’ll shoot!

OK! OK! Geez. No need to get violent you know.

Things that have happened in the past nine days, in chronological order:

1) We found Ellie a great pre-school for when Sandy goes back to work, at a Montessori school. It only sounds expensive… it’s actually quite comparable to daycare or home care and without any of the BS like having to pay for holidays or vacations.

2) RBC continues to screw up various payments that I attempt to make to them, so I bitch them out and threaten to take all my business elsewhere. Still ongoing as I’m waiting for someone to call me about it.

3) Sandy’s grandma and husband invite themselves over to our house, proceed to be 2 hours late, lost. and in Pickering before I get them turned around and go and wait on Victoria St so they don’t pass our subdivision (Saturday morning)

4) ZOMG we bought a Prius! Yes, a Prius. And we didn’t have to wait to get it, either.

5) Ellie went to the doctor – 24″ long and 10 lb 15oz! Four weeks ago she was 22″ and 9lb 6oz. She’s doing great!

6) While trying to restore the firmware onto an iPod nano late last night, I instead completely screw up and trash the Linux file system on my laptop – in a very unrecoverable way! Who needs data anyways! The morale of the story: never use dd.


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  1. I saw a comment a long while back that you made regarding SoundEdit looking for a Jaminator (maybe not seriously). Found one on ebay:


    I’ve got some original cartridges as I saved them from when Noise Toys made the Jaminator. If you buy it, send me email and I’ll see if I can’t locate a pack of carts and send them to you. Lot of good music on the carts.