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I can’t believe that was the solution!

My missing / corrupted master boot record (MBR) issues continued after my last post. After a lot of tinkering and troubleshooting I think I finally found the culprit: a bad IDE cable. I replaced it with a new-in-bag one I had, and no problems as of yet.

Recovering data by the skin of my teeth

Something happened while I was poking and prodding around inside my computer last night. My boot drive’s boot sector and partition table got b0rked. I finally traced it down to the bloody removable drive bay I was trying to install, it must have been doing something to the IDE signaling which was totally screwing up […]

Old hardware… it’s what’s for dinner

So I’ve had this ancient ISA modem for… well, a long time. It’s a 56k flash-upgradeable job with a Rockwell chipset, the RCVDL56ACFW/SP 56k ISA PnP 2 MB ROM DFS, and was made by GVC with the model SF-1156HV+/R19 56k Data-Fax-Speakerphone ISA PnP. Why am I quoting silly long model numbers at you? Because the […]

Pepper Pad Community Forums and WiFi upgrade

Pepper Pad Community Forums – the official Pepper Pad forums are open now! Can’t wait for that SDK now… Also, apparently all new Peppers being shipped will have an upgraded Wi-Fi card, according to No idea yet if this is a B/G mode card or what.

Pepper’s Internal WiFi Adapter

It’s a Gemtek WL-672, connected through a CF slot on the Pepper’s mainboard. It’s pretty damn clear in the photos from the FCC that I posted earlier. I can’t for the life of me find its POWER CONSUMPTION SPECIFICATIONS though! Argh!

E-Books on Pepper – not much yet, but promising

I’m no expert, but on the surface, the Pepper Pad seems like a great machine for reading e-books. It’s got a nice 8.4″ 800×600 screen with easily adjustable brightness. It’s got a large built-in scroll wheel, as well as an arrow pad. It’s ruggedized too, with rubber edges and a rubber screen frame. However, right […]

Web 2.0 + Pepper = very cool

Turns out you don’t even have to wait for new apps to be written for Pepper in order to enjoy new functionality: there are a lot of free browser-based apps out there that work great with Pepper’s browser (thanks to its Mozilla roots). Here are some that I’ve started using: eMessenger light: a web-based MSN […]

Looking for zip and unzip?

There are zip and unzip tools already installed on the pad, however they are called: minizip and miniunzip respectively.

Take control of your world

I just had an enjoyable time setting up my living room devices in Pepper’s Remote Control app. Unfortunately, the documentation in that app is very sparse… so I’m here to help you download remote codes. Personally, I hate teaching a “learning” remote — tediousness defined. Find the remote you need codes for, and note the […]

Better way to enable services

Sean who runs the nice looking but content-deprived Pepper Hacks website, offered up this tip: You can enable and disable services by using the initdconfig command. It behaves the same as the ‘chkconfig’ command for RedHat / Fedora Linux. Thanks Sean! So to enable the SSH server you just have to do: initdconfig ssh on […]