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paint everywhere!

We can now safely say that over half of the inside of our house is painted. We went on a painting blitz this weekend. There are only three basic painting tasks left! Finish second coat on “The Blue Monster” – the single largest wall in the house, in the stairway – including ceiling detail and […]

It’s been a little while. First things first, today (or tomorrow?) marks exactly one year since I started work at Maptuit. It’s been quite a ride with a little company but I’m looking forward to the future. Secondly, we finally got the garden planted. I’d be a dead man if I didn’t come out and […]

The Weekend Report

The long weekend was great. We got two more rooms painted, the small bedroom and the upstairs bathroom. Now there’s only the 2nd bedroom/computer room, and the rest of the house to paint. Then it’ll be time for touch-up white on the baseboards and… elsewhere 🙂 Jordan came over and stayed with us for the […]

one down, seven to go…

We painted our bedroom on Saturday. I think it turned out quite well… it’s nice to have some colour on the walls finally! And to be able to hang things on the wall (which I have to get to… ulp) On Sunday was Sandy’s wedding shower! We got a bunch of various stuff for the […]

other crazy little things we’ve noticed

One of the vertical blinds at the sliding door at the back is broken right off the track. It’s at the end so it’s not very noticeable. The lock on the window in the living room is broken (half of it is missing) There are huge holes in the drywall everywhere. Patchy, patchy! One of […]

dish trip

I’ve had it trying to install my own satellite system. Never doing it again. I’m calling a professional installer today. I just don’t want to talk about it…