other crazy little things we’ve noticed

  • One of the vertical blinds at the sliding door at the back is broken right off the track. It’s at the end so it’s not very noticeable.
  • The lock on the window in the living room is broken (half of it is missing)
  • There are huge holes in the drywall everywhere. Patchy, patchy! One of the holes in the bathroom has been stuffed with a tiny little piece of toilet paper.
  • Rust stains from some metal-legged piece of furniture are on the carpet in the upstairs hallway. Nothing gets rust out of carpet.
  • There’s a lightswitch downstairs that seemed to do nothing at all… I’d flip it on and off and no lights would turn on or off. Well, last night we solved the mystery: this switch controls the fan in the upstairs bathroom. No idea why you’d need to turn that on or off from another floor…

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  1. YOu forgot to mention the mystery switch in the living room and the fact that it turns on the uipstairs bathroom fan. LOL

  2. i am in northeastern pennsylvania
    I am here because the obsolete computer helpline is down!
    backed over the address and found a link to a nec ultralite.
    I guess my wife’s nec ultralite 386-25 isn’t a real one! as it has a hard drive and not enough memory!
    we just fired it up ( and it would not “fire” )
    think the old and used hard drive is stuck or gone.
    i am charging a collection of sub-c cells, whan i find 10 that are still good, i will build a power pack for it.
    it originally had a 40 meg and i put in a 700 meg using ( horrors) disk manager.

  3. OMG! We have the exact same switch!!
    It took us two months to figure out what it did. It was only when we had a guest over that flipped the switch while I was in the upstairs bathroom that we finally figured it out. Until then we’d thought it was a switch that went no where…