When did physical activity become so difficult?

We played some pickup volleyball last night at Sandy’s school, and man am I one hurting unit today. I ran around like a rag doll for an hour and a half, hitting the ball off the ceiling about half the time. Some things I remembered:

  • Volleyballs like to bounce! A lot! You don’t have to hit them very hard.
  • I like to block and play close to the net. Long arms are good.
  • When you fall on your knees, you will get walnut-sized bruises.
  • Blocking the ball at the net is the best feeling in the world.

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    Two weeks of vacation have been pretty good to me. True, I’ve been lazy as hell but I deserve to be lazy as hell! Right now I’m fed up with trying to build software on my Pepper Pad 2 so I’m writing here. Friggin’ five year old version of autoconf and automake do NOT make me happy…

    Christmas was a pretty good time. Sandy surprised me with a Nintendo DS, which I haven’t hacked yet but I’m looking forward to it. We’ve been playing a ton of Rayman: Raving Rabbids and Elebits on the Wii. And just doing a lot of lounging.

    post Safari’s strictness

    Apple’s Safari browser is pretty strict when it comes to certain things in JavaScript. For starters the ECMAScript set of future reserved words are already reserved words in SafariScript. Things like “super” or “export” or “static” are no-go.

    Second, I just found this oddity. I’d written some code like this:

    var q = document.getElementById('foo').childNodes;
    for (var i in q)
        var el = q[i];
        // do stuff with el

    This code ran great in Firefox and IE, but on Safari el was never valid. The reason seems to be that Safari really expects a variable given in an array subscript to be a number, not a string (when you use for (foo in bar) foo will be a string).

    post Definitions of PATH walkers

    • phone-walker: talking on a cell phone and meandering slowly and aimlessly as if drunk, often bumping into people and children
    • shoe-shopper: that woman who always DIVES right in front of me in front of the shoe store in BCE place to check out what’s on the bargain table. This happens once a week, I’m not exaggerating
    • centre-of-the-universe: walks very slowly and in the exact middle of any given passage, forcing you to navigate around them, like water in a stream going around a three-tonne boulder
    • phalanx: walking three or four or more wide.
    • stair-ectomy: standing in the way at the top or bottom of a staircase.

    I had way more snappier names for these while I was walking at lunchtime.

    post T.O. is under water, and other news

    Holy crap is it raining. St. James Park across the street is now St. James River, flowing right down the middle of the park and emptying into King St.

    Oh, we got a Nintendo Wii 😉 Boy is it fun.

    post An interesting observation

    My boss pointed out yesterday that, at our little office of 16 people, I’ve been there the 5th longest. Spooky.

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