100 cigarettes

Well, I’m moved in to my sister’s place. The cats are cute (although they wrestled all night and kept me awake), my computer is in a very precarious position, but whatever.

Earlier this afternoon I was in the area of bpNichol Lane and I TOTALLY FORGOT to take a picture of the no parking sign. Oh. Maybe some explanation is in order.

Near my old high school is a street / alleyway called bpNichol Lane. It’s named after a Canadian poet. One of his poems is carved into the concrete of the lane. Anyways. Last wednesday I was walkign up the lane and happened to notice a no parking sign that someone had placed a “b” infront of the big “P” with a line through it, magicially transforming the sign from a piece of monotonous urban landscape to a part of the lane’s story. Which I guess is itself a part of the urban landscape. But it’s not monotonous. Yeah.

Song: Big Sugar – 100 Cigarettes
while I’m countin’ my regrets
I’m gonna smoke 100 cigarettes


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