pleasing the korean

That’s not what it sounds like, it’s a track by DJ Keoki.

Well, just finished writing my first exam. I have this strange ability to always finish exams way early. I think it’s because I really don’t want to be there, so I finish writing as fast as I can. Anyways, the exam was alright, two of the questions I got spot-on, the other two were not as good, but I still did them. This was a philosophy exam, BTW. Possibly the only exam where you can’t bullshit unless it is analytic.

Exam stress always leaves me after I write the first one, so now I’m feeling all loose and good.

Exams are probably the stupidest form of evaluation, especially this one. The prof gave us nine questions in advance, three groups of three, and one question from each group is on the exam. So everyone goes out and has to prepare /all/ the questions. It’s a lot of work gone to waste. And what if I prepared some questions better than others? Should I be punished solely on these grounds? If everyone just handed in their prepared questions as their final exams it would be a lot fairer. Of course, I don’t thing quantative evaluation is even fair in and of itself, and one day I will write a book about it. But for now I’m going to unwind a bit and play Unreal Tournament.


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