the work of a sysadmin is never done

Things you learn when administering a large mailing list:

  • Some people can’t follow instructions to send an e-mail.
  • Some people can’t use a web form.
  • Some people don’t actually read e-mails, they just assume their contents.
  • Some people are just downright rude and can’t compose a proper message asking for help, and instead choose to floow your mailbox with messages filled with “UNSUBSCRIBE UNSUBSCRIBE UNSUBSCRIBE” over and over again…

Luckily I’m nice, and just deal with these things. I could very easily not care. Listar makes things much easier. I love Listar.

If everyone on the subway would just take off their knapsacks and put them on the floor, the amount of available space would go up by at least 20%.


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