all the small things

Generous hardware donations are awesome. Thanks to everyone who’s thrown me:

  • three sticks of 64MB SDRAM DIMMs (two PC133, one PC66)
  • a Yamaha CRW6416S 16x6x4 SCSI burner
  • an Apple Extended Keyboard, mouse, and AAUI->RJ45 adaptor for my soon-to-be-alive PowerMac 6100/66

And just in cas you think I’m a greedy bastard, I’ve already given away one stick of that RAM to a poor K6-2/500 machine in need.

Other that that, there’s only:

  • my CIS443 assignment (Info Systems)
  • my PHIL211 assignment (Logic)
  • my CIS443 midterm (Info Systems)
  • my MATH215 assignment (Matrix Algebra)

to finish this week. That’s all! Good thing I rested up in Florida.
Which was great, thank you for asking. Although I don’t think I could have stayed more than four days at Disney World. It was interesting, and a lot of fun. My favourite ride was the bed. It was comfortable. In case you’re not getting it, I slept a lot 🙂 But seriously, Disney World was a lot of fun. I just let Sandy drag me around, and so I think I saw all the best parts and skipped all the crap. Which was good. Yes. Good.
Look, I’ve had 12 hours of sleep for the last week, and last night I got 7. I’m adjusting, alright? Excuse my incoherence.


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