I’ve discovered Advance Wars. Advance Wars is very, very addictive.

I believe I’ve failed to mention that we now have a second fish tank. This is just a little 10 gallon one that has five dwarf puffers in it. The puffers are pretty cool little fish: they’re kinda chubby and sort of flutter around in the water. Sandy calls them “water hummingbirds”.

Last week, our other tank almost had a catastrophe: the motor on our AquaClear Mini filter burned out. Luckily I discovered it before it was too late, quickly went out to the pet store and took the opportunity to upgrade to a Penguin BIO-Wheel 125 filter system. The BIO-Wheel is supposed to be the best one out there. I hope to replace the filter in the puffer’s take (currently a cheap Top-Fin one) with a BIO-Wheel mini soon.

Also, I sold my scooter. Sniff I’ll miss it. It was damn fun to drive, but I just don’t need it in the city, and I couldn’t justify keeping it. One day, I hope to get myself back into a position where I can buy a scooter, so I can zip around stupid gas guzzling SUVs.