looks a little nicer now

I added a banner image at the top. It’s a little huge right now (120K PNG), but it’s not permanent. I personally like how it turned out, but please let me know what you think of it by leaving a comment in this entry. It should look fine in Mozilla and IE 5.5+.


7 replies

  1. It looks very modernist. I like it.

  2. Looks pretty cool, although I think the green is a little off from the rest of the site. Also it’s about a third the size in .gif…

  3. Yeah, I know the green is a little off… I might change the border colour in the stylesheet to match it though – I really like it.

    Oh, and apparently the yellow background looks awful, or so I’ve been told…

  4. yeah, not really into yellow myself… but I do like the darker green in the image over the green on the borders

  5. the image and quote is very cool-stylin-i would say. But the color of chuma is too dark. in fact i didnt even notice it until i read the text about it. thats my 2 bits.

  6. the text is sneaky that way. I like it. Now I gotta change the yellow to another colour… might go dark grey, I’ll have to experiment.

  7. I’m diggin the gray