weekend snow-fest

Weekend began with the two-hour train and bus ride up to Cannington. The family and some friends sat down for a nice dinner for Sandy’s birthday. I’d already given Sandy her birthday present from me, an AVC Soul III MP3/CD player. She got various little things from her mom.

I spent most of the weekend sleeping, helping out in Michael’s computer store, and playing various game systems. I put some time into both Metroid Prime and Zelda: OoT, which was good as I need to finish a frickin’ game. I’m still stuck in Mario Sunshine – I need a serious few hours of gameplay to get to the last level, I’m about four or five shines away I think. Michael has so much damn used hardware lying around in the store, it would probably take me a full week to go through and test it all. I tested a bunch of stuff for him, and should have taken some more home to test…

On Saturday night it snowed. A lot. A whole lot. Something like 10 inches where they were. The roads weren’t great, but were fine once we got down to Highway 7. Once we got home, 45 minutes of shoveling the driveway with one of those BIG snow pushers ensued… man those things are fun.

Listening: Sleater-Kinney: You’re No Rock n’ Roll Fun


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