OMG I finally found this again!

A looooong time ago I was browsing the IMDB randomly and came across an entry for a director – except it wasn’t a director, but rather a pseudonym that was used when a film had been hacked by the producer/studio/whoever so badly that the director refused to be credited for the final product.

However, I forgot where the entry was.

Ever since then I’ve been searching for it, mostly so I could prove it to Sandy. And I just stumbled across it again, so now I’m linking to it, dammit!

The pseudonym is Alan Smithee.

However, after the film An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn was made in 1997, the Director’s Guild decided that the name had been exposed and overused. It was replaced by Thomas Lee. The IMDB doesn’t have a direct page for this name though.

So there. I’m going to do my chores now.


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