heavy thinkers

Man, what a week. Work was hectic as ever. I finally rolled out some great tools for people only to have them blow up the server today. I don’t know exactly what happened, and I hate that feeling. My boss wasn’t mad at all, I mean we’re skipping a few development steps here 🙂 but I guess I take things like that personally – I want things that I create to work. I started the week off good because I was so well rested after being sick, now I feel like I’m back in that rut of sleep-deprivation and caffeine dependence. But hey, the weekend’s here, so its time to rest and not stress out. Maybe I should become a buddhist.

Anyways… sometimes I get ideas.

We sewed up our new apartment! We’re moving on May 1 back to Toronto. I’m excited. Sandy is excited and scared. We’ve already started to pack things up – we have a lot of stuff. I’ve begun eBaying things that we don’t need that other people might want. Especially electronics.


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