Confessions of a Car Salesman – this does NOT make me want to buy a car.


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  1. Sounds about like the computer sales business.
    Makes me glad I bought a Saturn (well two) at the no haggle price… even though people tell me I coulda got a better deal somewhere where they bargain.

  2. Remar Sutton wrote a book called “Don’t Get Taken Every Time” about his days as a car salesman, and it caused a lot of trouble.

    My car salesman handed me a survey to sign which he had already filled out – all “Excellent.” I walked out, and came back to close when he wasn’t there, so he lost the sale.

  3. That’s a good one Paul. I once took my car to the dealer to get a recall dealt with (otherwise I would never take it there for service). A few weeks afterwards I got a letter from the dealer about how GM might send me a feedback survey about their dealership, and how I should fill it out if I got it – you can guess what answers were filled in on the “example” survey. Sheesh.