Hey, we got hitched!

Just after the wedding, photo by Calum Tsang

Post-wedding life has begun! And I’m happy to report that nothing has changed 🙂 We came back from the Dominican well-rested but happy to be back home. We really missed our cats and our families. And ahem DSL.

First of all, the wedding went off without a hitch! There was some last-minute hyperventilating right before the ceremony as we had no idea where the band was… but they showed up with a minute to spare. We both remembered all our lines at the ceremony. Neither of us could remember how long the whole thing took, but it was far and away the happiest moment of my life.

The reception was tons of fun. We danced up a storm and so did a lot of other people. The music was great and no one got hurt, although apparently some cupcakes were thrown…

But we had an early flight to catch, so we left the reception and went straight to the airport hotel.

More about our trip later…


2 replies

  1. What, no Newton in that shot?

    Sorry… it had to be said.

    Seriously… congratulations you crazy kids. Enjoy the good life of being together and as a partnership on so many levels.


  2. I’m sure the Newton is stowed away in an inconspicuous holster under that vest…
    But yeah, congrats you guys — you both look great!