Basement renovation is in full swing at our house. Strange, slightly dirty people have been invading our basement three times a week and forcing our cats to take refuge.

Seriously though, Sandy’s dad and his hired man / our friend Garth started working on our basement last week. So far the progress has been great, and our stack of saved Home Depot gift cards has been getting smaller.

So far…

  • The washer, dryer, and laundry room sink have been moved closer to the furnace, water heater, and freezer. All these will be in the laundry room which won’t be finished on the inside. New outlets were put in, and the plumbing was moved, as well as rerouting some drainage, and extending the dryer vent pipe.
  • Virtually all of the framing is done, save for the staircase. Which makes it start to look finished and gives me that “I have walls!” kind of feeling.
  • Most of the new electrical work (new outlets and lights) has been roughed-in.
  • I’ve been working on putting in a new phone jack and running audio/video and network/serial cables from the basement to the living room above. Our computers will be in the basement when this is done, so the outlets will connect my PC’s video/audio out to the TV, as well as a serial line to plugin my IR tranciever which I will use with an IR keyboard I picked up a while ago to control my computer from the living room. Muahaha! There’ll also be a network connection for the GameCube and possibly future living room hardware.

Putting up drywall will start this week I believe. Sandy and I are going to have the privilege of “mudding” and sealing up the drywall. Hooray for dust! Then will come the ceiling, painting (we picked a colour this weekend), and carpet. Then it will be DONE.


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