February is a good but sucky month

  1. It’s Valentine’s Day! Everyone loves Valentine’s Day, except for those lonely, bitter, jaded people. Not me, not this year. This year I surprised Sandy on the Saturday before, and she loved it. Plus I got us tickets to Wicked which she really wants to see. I got a new wrist rest for my mouse which I really needed.
  2. It’s Sandy’s Birthday! Well it was on Saturday the 19th. We had already gotten her birthday present, an electric guitar, so on her birthday we went out for dinner with our friends. However, as usual for Sandy’s birthday, things did not go off without a hitch… when we got to the restaurant, Montana’s in Whitby, they were packed and even though we had a reservation, they had give our freakin’ table away! When the manager came to the front he was packing attitude and after we had waited 20 minutes told us it would be another 20 minutes for us, and that it was OUR fault our table was gone. Bloody bastards! So we ended up calling around and went to East Side Mario’s out in Oshawa! Finally. Well we had a damn nice time at East Side’s with a really nice waitress and bad-mouthing Montana’s all the way. So it ended up fine. Sandy really wanted to see our niece Raven and she was there, and such a good kid! She didn’t cry once through the whole thing.
  3. Our basement. It’s coming along slowly. We’re working on finishing the drywall, and then painting the walls. Then Sandy’s dad will come back and do the ceiling, and we’ll get someone in to carpet it, and we’re done. Then it will kick ass! Yeah! We can’t wait.
  4. Winter. I’m sick of it. Let’s move it along now.

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  1. Can you help me? I bought an eMate 300 on eBay. I need a power cord and manual (or info). I know nothing about it.
    Please e-mail any info.