How to take apart / repair a Sony Ericsson T310

I had to scour the ‘net for days to find this so here it is:

1) Remove the battery cover, battery, and SIM card.

2) There’s a small black rectangular plastic piece on the back of the phone – this covers the antenna. It has two clips which hold it onto the main case. The clips should be carefully released using the holes next to them – I used a jeweler’s screwdriver to go into the holes and bend the clips while sliding a credit card into the gap and prying up.

3) Under this there are two T6 screws – remove them. You do not have to remove the antenna (unlike other SE phones)

4) Now take your credit card and pry carefully between the two screen halves, starting at the top. About halfway down you will meet some resistance, so use the CC to pry the two halves apart and it should pop off. Repeat on the other side. There’s another clip near the bottom of the phone as well.

5) Remove the top casing and the keypad.


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