That’s the sound of me importing all of my old site postings since June 2000. Well, more like the sound of MT importing them all. I kinda messed them up still, but frankly I don’t really care too much – what kind of wacko’s actually going to look at them?

In other news, today my boss told me he was reading my site archives…

In other other news, the Zwan album comes out tomorrow. In case you don’t know, Zwan is a new band formed by Billy Corgan and the ex-guitarist from Smashing Pumpkins (I can’t remember his name). The video for the first single, Honestly, has been playing for a few weeks now on MuchMusic. Sandy is unsettled by it because Billy Corgan smiles too much. Not having been a huge Pumpkins fan like her, I don’t really get it, but compared to the Pumpkins videos I have seen, yeah, he looks scary smiling. It’s like you expect the smile to turn into an evil grin, and his clothes to suddenly change into black robes.


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  1. Frankly I’m sick of Billy Corgan. Smashing Pumpkins broke up because he bitched all the time, and because they sucked after 96.
    For all I care, he can go get a McJob… I certainly won’t buy the Zwan album…

  2. Hon, it is the old drummer from the Pumpkins not an old guitarist, his name is Jimmy Chamberlin.

  3. I think you shouldn’t merit music on the performer but rather on the music itself. Don’t buy the Zwan CD if you don’t want it but at least listen to it before trashing it.

  4. Well, normally I agree. After all, I’ve only heard one song by Zwan… on the other hand I’ve heard all the songs by the Pumpkins, and the ones they’ve done in the past 4 years or so are just Billy whining… kinda like “honestly” is. How do you make a song out of 4 measures, and the word “honestly”?
    I don’t know. But Billy does!