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Well, the computers have spoken, so I guess I’d better write something here. The Canadian federal budget came down yesterday, and it appears that political parties can be bought after all. I’m looking at you, Bloc Quebècois. When one party is so single-minded and can be bought for a price — while ignoring the lack […]

Striking a chord

A few of my more recent posts have been getting more attention than the others and seem to have struck a chord with some fellow ‘net denziens. I am not alone in my hatred of iTunes. I’m still not using it and am happy. However my wife just got a brand-new MacBook and it seems […]

The “wow” is… never!

So, Windows 7.0 — I mean, Vista is out. Pardon me if I’m not excited, but it does seem like no one really cares. What is strange is how so many big software companies didn’t make their software compatible by the time it went gold. MS was giving away free betas for crying out loud, […]

Work == South Park?

I just felt the need to file a workorder timecard with the subject line “respect my authoritah”

That was weird.

I just dialed my pharmacist and I was connected to someone in Mexico. ??? Thanks, Vonage!

(416) 364-1111: From hell’s heart, I stab at thee

UPDATE Jun 2007: There’s a page about this number at with 80 comments. A comment there written by “GL” sums up the situation – I can’t link directly to the comment so here it is: [this] number is associated to a leg of VOIP termination provided by more than one wholesale VOIP providers. Given […]

Let’s get something straight here people

I’m not a gambling man. I like to get something for my money. So I would probably never plan a trip to Las Vegas. But, if I ever found myself there, I know that I would have to go to The Pinball Hall of Fame. Over 150 pinball machines, lovingly restored by collectors, (almost) all […]

When did physical activity become so difficult?

We played some pickup volleyball last night at Sandy’s school, and man am I one hurting unit today. I ran around like a rag doll for an hour and a half, hitting the ball off the ceiling about half the time. Some things I remembered: Volleyballs like to bounce! A lot! You don’t have to […]

Two weeks of vacation have been pretty good to me. True, I’ve been lazy as hell but I deserve to be lazy as hell! Right now I’m fed up with trying to build software on my Pepper Pad 2 so I’m writing here. Friggin’ five year old version of autoconf and automake do NOT make […]

Definitions of PATH walkers

phone-walker: talking on a cell phone and meandering slowly and aimlessly as if drunk, often bumping into people and children shoe-shopper: that woman who always DIVES right in front of me in front of the shoe store in BCE place to check out what’s on the bargain table. This happens once a week, I’m not […]